Focus on the application that
Matters the most.

A better way to focus on the task at hand.

How it works?

Focus Window helps boost your productivity by allowing you to,
focus solely on a single app at a time.

Install App

Simply install the Focus Window App
via the macOS app.

Plugin Icon

Run App

Once installed, open Focus Window
and begin focusing on a single application.

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Hide Files

Once Focus Window is running,
hide the desktop icons to concentrate.

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Increase your productivity
on macOS.

Minimize the distractions and boost your


Improve workflow

Enable Focus Window to increase your
concentration when you need to complete
a task.


Large Monitor

Emails, Messages, Web browser all lead to
multitasking. Let us hide the apps you are
not using.


Clutter Free!

Focus Window gives users to ability to hide their
desktop Icons. This creates a clutter-free

img img

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does Focus Window work with multiple monitors?

Currently, we do not support multiple monitors and encourage users of our app
to use a single or mirrored display when enabling Focus Window.

Can I disable Focus Window??

If needed users of Focus Window can disable the app temporarily without quitting the application.

How often is Focus Window updated?

We tend to update our apps once a bug has been discovered but, this can vary depending on the bug.

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